time moves too slowly

My flight takes off at 730pm and the time could not pass more slowly. o m g. Amy is picking me up around 530 to take me to Port Columbus Airport and that is 71 minutes from now and it's driving me nuts. I just went outside for a few minutes and realized that sitting out front in a lawn chair enjoying this fine day would be far better than sitting in the living room staring at the clock and drinking warm beer. Blah. I want to leave people! I wish I could take an earlier flight to Toronto (my stop over point) so that I could stare at a clock there instead.

The worst part about travelling overseas (of which the word "worst" is very subjective I admit), anyway the worst part is how fucking long it takes to get there. I'm facing about 15 hours of travel before I finally reach Durham, a few less than that before I see Will since he's kind enough to meet me in London and ride up on the train with me. :)

4:24 pm now. fuck this is taking so long. blah.

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