my gripes for today

First off, I am an idiot. I was measuring out shots of vodka tonight so as to keep within my dietary allowance yet still get a buzz. A few drinks in and NADA, so I decided "fuck being healthy, I'm gonna get drunk" and measured out some more. Ha. To my chagrin, I'm a complete idiot and was using the 'tablespoon' line on my new fancing shot glass measuring cup instead of ounces. No wonder I wasn't drunk - I was getting less than half of the juice than I thought. LOL dear lord I'm an idiot.

Next thing to bitch about. My face. I acknowledge the fact that I am not ugly, deformed or gross in any remote way. Pretty in a nerdy-girl way I can even acknowledge. But one thing I hate about myself is that I am far more pretty in pictures than I am in real life. Being photogenic is definitely NOT a curse, but why in the hell did I not realize this when I was younger and could actually make some money from it, even if it was just doing Schottenstein's ads or something? And to be honest, I'd rather look that good in real life instead of being someone that "takes a good picture". Seriously, i've actually had guys comment about how much great I look in pictures as if it's okay to say i'm hot in pics and not in person. Bleh. fuck em all. By the way, for those of you who might be reading this and know me, don't even bother trying to convince me that I'm just as pretty in person as I am in pics, or that looks don't matter or that I'm being silly. I really truly don't care what your opinion is on this matter, as I am actively choosing to obsess about it independent of anyone else's existence and my stance cannot be changed. Ha.

Tomorrow is allergy testing and pulmonary function testing day. Woot woot woot. I can't wait, but not because I think the testing is going to do squat to help with my allergies or breathing issues, but because I cannot WAIT to take my allergy meds again. Going 2 days without has been miserable. I woke up at 530am this morning in mid-sneeze from a sound sleep! Seriously, how does that even happen? I can't wait to ingest the latest loves of my life - zyrtec and singulair. Oh how I love thee, prescription antihistamines. Cometh with me to a day with less snot and eyes which are not red. Let us bask in the joy of no sneezing. Aye, do I miss thee...

Ok i'm bored with blogging for now. Talk at you later.



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  1. Yay...we are now linked in Cyberspace. I'll also have to check out and link Will'd blog to mine :-)