Interesting side effects

I have had a crap weekend in general, although one interesting side effect is I've discovered a bit of independence because of it.

Will has been in the hospital this weekend. At first they thought it was an appendicitis, but after testing and an overnight stay, they decided he's ok and sent him home, albeit still pretty miserable. Of course the whole hospitilazation and Will being ill aspects were frightening, but since he's gonna be fine I'll instead focus on me! :£

I've done very little driving here in the UK, but of course this weekend that had to change. I was scared out of my mind at first about going it alone but I forced myself not to stay at home and worry to death ( British hospitals have STRICT visiting hours and I could only see him 2 hrs each day! )

So anyway, not only did I drive myself to and from the hospital, but I went to the gym, to the grocery store and then just forced myself to drive around as many roundabouts as I could find, and let me tell you - there were no Griswold moments! As a matter if fact, I was so pleased with my driving, I was actually skipping to the car after the gym today!

It's funny that its taken me over 6 months to overcome my fear of driving alone, but I guess I just had to be forced to face it, and Will strapped to an IV for two days did just the trick!

Probably helps that we have the mini now too ;)

Will is napping now so am gonna drive around for awhile. Just can't run out of gas because there is no pay at the pump here and I can't be hassled!