feeling scattered

picassa pile (day 240)
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Have had a rough couple of days at work. I feel like no matter how much I get done, I'm never going to get finished because more is coming in than going out. :/

Been munching a lot tonight. If you can call it that. In my new health concious obnxious mode, grazing ends up being thing:

rice cakes with sugar free pudding
baby carrots
cucumbers with hummous

I think I'm going to be orange if I keep this carrot consumption up. For some reason they are uber yummy. Ha..listen to me! Weird! This is coming from the girl who actually ate a Wendy's Baconator three months ago. Yes, the one with way more patties and bacon than any one person should ever ingest. And I secretly liked it, even though I make fun of the commercials.Yes, now I am getting my snack on with freaking health food. I love it.

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