rain, beer and the killers

poncho partying
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AmyMo and I went to see The Killers last night at the LC aka Promowest. It was pissing down the entire evening, until about the 3rd song in to The Killers' set. We both were fully dedicated to enduring the rain in order to see one of my favorite new bands; however it took copious amounts of alcohol to see us through the evening...and two very tacky yet very wonderful bright yellow ponchos. By the time the opening band Louis XIV finished, we both were soaked through, feeling rather cold and incredibly worried about the after effects of some rather gnarly bathroom experiences but when The Killers started playing and the rain stopped, the ponchos were thrown aside and the dancing and screaming began. Totally worth the wait. Loved the entire set, and now AmyMo and I can brag about how hardcore we are. Rock on.


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