schiller park experience

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Today I posed for my flickr friend Bryan at Schiller Park in German Village. It was a very interesting experience, quite fun yet at the same time I felt out of my league. I can be quite photogenic when I put the camera up over my head and take a shot from above (the most flattering position EVAH); however, in general I am not as comfortable with shots taken showing more than just my face, especially from below or far away. I'm an incredibly self-critical person and I just can't help but hate most pictures of me. Bryan posted the one featured here on flickr today, and I think it's a beautifully composed shot, amazing colors, beautifully lit, etc., but of course my immediate thoughts go to things like "my thighs look big" or "i look WAY older than normal", or "i have no boobs anymore". Yes, I know, I'm annoying. Oh well.

So, my modeling days are definitely limited, but I did have a good time today and I am glad I took the leap. Although I REALLY struggled not to laugh in every shot, so in shots like this one where Bryan told me to have a serious face, I was trying so hard not to laugh that I think at times I probably look constipated or stoned because I was trying SO hard not to crack up. Typical me. Ha.

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