Oz Moments

Jubilee Place
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Took this with my cell phone while on an escalator in the Canary Wharf tube stop. For some reason this wall REALLY made me happy. I think it's the vibrant colors and the fact the word 'jubilee' is adorable.

I also had a really strange feeling of surrealness settle over me when we were riding down this escalator. Sometimes I don't realize how unusual it is to be experiencing the things I'm going through right now and I take it all for granted without much thought... then there are moments like the one where I took this picture where I am totally overcome by the differencees and I think to myself, "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto" Suddently it hits me how far away I am from Ohio and I feel like an alien in a foreign land. That's how I felt when I took this picture... and it was really fucking neat.