floating in an eggshell

So, one of the things we've been doing in my polarity therapy treatments with Suzi are visualizations related to energy transferrance while she's doing various pressure-point massages and general musclework. I know, it sounds hoaky... and at first I thought it was... however there is one visualizatioin we used last week which I've really latched on to and can't get out of my head. She had me envision myself encased in a giant egg shell that has reflective material on the outside to ward off negativity, and a big vacuum hose to suck out all the negative energy from within. In my mind, this huge mirrorball-like eggshell has a cozy burnt-orange glow inside that comforts me, and the eggshell itself is floating in water, bobbing around very gently. I can see the shadow of the water on the sides from within and it feels like an emotional bath.

For some reason when Suzi is working on parts of me such as my feet, shoulders and jaw, I can use this visualization to really relax my breathing and push away all the worries in my tiny little brain. I literally become oblivious and ambivalent to all stress.

I don't WANT it to work. Seriously, I don't. I don't WANT to be one of those hippy types constantly spouting off about herbal this or spiritual that or aura whose-a-whatsit. Much to my dismay, I just can't help buy into this entire approach to physical/emotional therapy. I really truly enjoy it, and in some ways I think it's more impactful on my psyche than any counselling I've ever had, spiritual or cognitive or otherwise. There is just something about getting physical pain and mental pain addressed simultaneously that I just find incredibly soothing and relaxing.

Today, Suzi did some really painful work on my neck and jaw and in the middle of it, I totally lost track of all thoughts about work and focused solely on all the wonderful things I am feeling right now personally. DAMN it felt so good.

So, yes my friends, sadly it appears I am drinking the new age koolaid a bit. And it tastes damn good. :P

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