what a difference a year makes

Cruising to Amsterdam
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This time last year both of us were just starting to put back together the pieces of our lives which were fragmented by 12 months of hell, all of it primarily self-imposed of course. Over the last three years, life has been incredibly up and down but I wouldn't take back a moment of it. If the bad times had not occured, I would not be where I'm at now (geographically, or emotionally). I would not have found such beautiful friends for life in AmyMo, or Karin, or Carnes. I never would have finished my PMP certification. I would not have had a chance to see my niece born, or the look on Ed's face when his first child arrived. I wouldn't have witnessed the amazing mother and friend my sister has turned out to be. I would not have had 18 months of intense bonding with my nephew, which has probably brought me closer together with my family than I ever thought possible. And I wouldn't have gotten the infamous brown 'sleeping bag' coat, which got me through one miserably cold Ohio winter. Ugly as it is, I love that coat.

Yes, things were utterly bad for awhile and I was miserable for a long time - and yes, that misery was primarily my own & Will's fault - but I am so absolutely thankful for the direction my life has taken and the gifts I've been blessed with because of this path. And I can't express the depth of my love for this life and this man.

Thanks baby, it was all worth it.


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