America shopping list

I'm going to be stateside in a little over two weeks and can't wait to do some shopping!

Here is my list so far. Some of this I can't get in the UK at all, others are just way cheaper in the states.

A proper American salon haircut and color (!!)
Flavored cheezits
Canned black beans
Bare Escentuals makeup
Lubriderm lotion
Hazelnut flavoured ground coffee
Any sour candy I can find (!)
Generic Zyrtec
Valerian root capsules
Huge ass bottles of ibuprofen
Kraft macaroni and cheese
Clothes from Banana Republic
New Balance sneakers
Reeses peanut butter cups
Good quality headphones
Skin for my iPhone

Um I'm sure there is more. Got to take an extra bag just in case :)

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