an unexpected result

My interest in footy (aka soccer) was primarily spawned from my interest in Will and his general passion for the sport, as well as my desire to share something special with my nephew Elijah, who loves going to Columbus Crew games. Hence I watched parts of the World Cup with vague interest, I learned the basics so I could keep up in conversation with Will, and I got a season ticket to the Crew last year to share with little E. But really, I wasn't all that into soccer on its own. Instead I enjoyed it primarily as a mechanism to feel closer to the two important men in my life.

Fast forward to now, and it's amazing how things have changed. I find myself talking and reading about football with no prompting from Will. I love going to the Boro matches and I don't spend the entire time drinking and talking anymore - I actually watch the match! I know about 80% of the Boro songs, I get genuinely upset when they play like shite and I think I'd even go watch a match in a pub on my own should I be in London when the Boro play. I'm fascinated by the culture of it, and also by the game play itself. Suddenly the term 'the beautiful game' is starting to make a bit of sense to me. And this all just seems a little bizarre.

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