Monkey Management 101

I just read a short and succinct book about delegation called 'The One Minute Manger Meets the Monkey'. I am pretty sure the author thought his audience had the attention span of a 9 year old when he wrote it because every fifth page has only one sentence on it, usually consisting of some sort of management mantra or painfully realistic principle. For example, here are some of the more poignant short attention span catchphrases used in the book:

"The Golden Rule of Management - THOSE WHO HAVE THE GOLD MAKE THE RULES"

"Experience is Not What Happens To You; It's What You Do With What Happens To You"

"Never Let The Company Go Down The Drain Simply For The Sake Of Practicing Good Management"

and my favorite:

"Things Not Worth Doing Are Not Worth Doing Well"

(poor punctuation and odd capitalisation directly transcribed from the book)

Interestingly though, I have found this short read quite helpful. I've identified a couple of bad habits I've exhibited in my recent past both personally and professionally, and I have a couple of decent new strategies for trying to keep other people's monkeys off my back (monkey being an analogy for the 'next move' in any project or activity). It was a worthwhile read, although I was a wee bit turned off by some of the fairly old school management style examples utilised, and also by the author's tendency to spoon feed the lessons to his audience. Despite those shortcomings, I definitely recommend it to anyone else fairly green to direct accountability for leading others and probably also for overburdened soccer moms who need to teach their husband's and/or children to clean up their own messes.

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