How quickly the year has passed...

I've been living permanently in the UK for 13 months now. This is my second Christmas here, although I sort of count it as my first because last year I had just arrived really and didn't have much time to think about the holidays really. I just found this pic of Will and I in our Christmas hats last year and I have three observations:

1 - My hair was so short just a year ago - wow! I'm not sure if I like it better in a bob or longer, jury is still out on that one...

2 - I have definitely put on some weight since then - I can see it in my (our) faces. Oh well, happiness (and yorkshire puddings) do that to you.

3 - Whew, thank God I took another chance on Will and building a life here in England - two Christmases ago I never thought it would have been possible.

Now, it's not all peaches and cream here in the UK. The damp damp damp climate and lack of sun in the winter means I get WAY more colds than I should. I am pretty lonely for my family and friends back in the States, especially when it could be at least 6-8 more months before I can make it back for a visit. I also am sad for Will, as I know he has holes in his family life that I can't fill and this time of year is hardest on him. But really, I try to set all of that aside and recognise the fact it would be SO much worse and I'm pretty damn lucky to be living abroad, working in a job I'm passionate about and sharing my life with a man who doesn't mind doing all the ironing. Life is good.

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