Autumn is awesome.

My street in the fall
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That's all I really have to say, really. I mean, to expound a bit, I guess it's mostly that I love the fall colors and smells. And I love football season because I can go to the grocery store on a Saturday when the Buckeyes are playing and shop almost completely uninterrupted. And I like the cool temperatures, those are definitely nice. Except when it sleets, like today. Not so fond of sleet. And I guess Autumn isn't the BEST season... I mean all the leaves on the ground can be pretty annoying. I'm definitely happy to no longer have a yard to rake . That part of the fall really sucks. Hard.

I guess I'm really enjoying and savoring Autumn this year because it is the last one I'll spend for awhile in Columbus or even the US. I'm going to miss it here I think - except in the winter. I'll never miss Ohio winters. Never. Seriously. That part I can do without.

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